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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TrainWithMarc Athletes Racing This Weekend

Patty raced in another 5k on Sunday.  It was a late start and it was threatening with rain, but Patty's one tough cookie!  She laced up and ran a PR!  She also was 2nd in her age group!  Go Patty!

Rebecca ran the London Marathon this weekend and had great success!  She mentioned that even though the first 13 miles were busy dodging slower runners and walkers, she found herself in great shape for the last 10k of the race.  She said she was in great shape for the race and her breathing was easy and didn't even think about them. 
She said she loved the day to day training and looked forward to the challenges of each and every run.  Rebecca said this about Marc, "Your role in it cannot be underestimated! I think you provide such a great service and you delivered for me in every way. I would recommend everyone who want to be their best at running uses you!  LITERALLY, ONE  MILLION THANK YOUS FOR GIVING ME THE TOOLS AND THE BELIEF I COULD DO IT, AND COULD DO IT WELL."
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